Founded in 1999, the Super Y-League is dedicated to the progression of future professional players. The Super Y-League has steered the course for development of elite clubs, players, and coaches. Affiliated with US Soccer, the Super Y-League ODP Program has opened countless doors for players to be identified for U.S. National Team Programs. The Super Y-League contains the youth academies of Major League Soccer clubs, USL PRO clubs, Premier Development League and W-League clubs. The league also serves clubs looking to develop the game from the ground up. Top youth academies such as Weston FC, Mass Premier Soccer and TSF Academy have been members of the league for several seasons. USL’s Super Y-League has revolutionized youth player development in North America.

The Super Y-League, through US Soccer and the United States Olympic Committee, was granted ODP programs to identify players for U.S. National Team Programs. The first selection process began during the 2003 season to identify players for Regional Team selection events, where U.S. National Staff Coaches scouted players for National Team Programs. In addition to many players being identified for U.S. National Team Programs, top players are identified by leading college and university soccer programs throughout the United States.

The Super Y-League is a professionalized system that is the first step for developing youth soccer players in North America.  The league is designed for talented youth players destined for professional or international careers. Through Olympic Development (ODP) status programs and events such as the North American Finals and National ODP Camps, the nation’s top players are selected for US National Team Programs. The league is made up of a series of regional leagues within the framework of a North American league containing the top clubs and players from the United States and Canada.

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Updated 12/07/2016

For the summer 2017 season, DDYSC will field Super-Y League teams in the following age groups: Under 10 Boys and Girls, Under 11 Boys and Girls, Under 12 Boys and Girls, Under 13 Boys and Girls, Under 14 Boys and Girls, Under 16 Boys and Girls, and U18 Boys and Girls.

Please note, participation on DDYSC Super-Y League Teams is open to non-DDYSC Club players. Moreover, participation will not interfere with current Club duties.

U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U16 U18
 Born in 2007   Born in 2006   Born in 2005   Born in 2004   Born in 2003   Born in 2001/2002  Born in 2000/1999


June through late July or early August 2017
National Finals – December 2017 IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida


All teams are selected via a coaching committee, which is comprimised of all staff coaches for the Super Y teams.


Each team will select active roster players and non-active roster players with a maximum of 20 roster players for U10-U11 and a maximum of 26 players for U12-U16.


An Active roster player is expected to attend all training and matches. Active rosters players should plan to travel and dress for games.

A Non-Active player is expected to attend all training.  In the event an active roster player is unavailable, a non-active roster player will be selected based on merit to fill the roster spot.


Training will be two days a week for 1.5 hours, times to be determined.  Practices will be held at one of our DDY locations- Pattillo Park, Avondale Dunaire Park, Indian Creek Elementary School or Windsor Parkway. Practices will start middle to late May 2017, or early June 2017 once players have completed their spring season duties. 


The season will consist of 8-12 games, depending on league instructions.  Half of the games are played at home at a DDY location and the other half away. This is a regional league; therefore, travel to regional areas of the Southeast should be expected. However, there are 7 other Super-Y programs in Georgia, so some away games could be against those local opponents.


U10-12: 2 x 30 mins, U13/U14: 2 x 35 mins, U15-U16:  2 x 40 mins, U18: 2 x 45 mins.



A team may have a max number of eligible players for games.  A player may be substituted once in the first half. Once the player has been substituted, the player may not re-enter the game until the second half. Once a player is substituted in the second half, they MAY re-enter the game only once during the rest of the regulation play. The total number of substitutions per half shall not exceed seven which shall not be altered for injury.

For age groups U10-U13, unlimited substitutions are permitted throughout the regular season and Finals.


Coaching Staff will be selected by the DDYSC Director of Coaching.   DDYSC will operate with an “open door coaching policy”, allowing coaches from other clubs to train DDYSC Super Y Teams.  Unless approved by DDYSC DOC, current DDYSC staff coaches are prohibited from coaching Super-Y teams in their current age/gender group.


DDYSC Super Y Teams, Coaches, Parents, and Players will adhere to a strict “No Recruiting” policy. This policy will be enforced via zero tolerance.


FEES: Updated Jan. 13th, 2017

Active Roster 

U10-U11 Fees: $350.00 (includes the league fees & training fees)

U12 & above Fees: $425.00 (includes the league fees & training fees)

NON-Active Roster

U10-U11 Fees: $250.00 (includes league fees & training fees)

U12 & above Fees: $325.00 (includes league fees & training fees)

Please Note: All players are required to pay a team fee, which covers invidividual player fees and referee fees. This amount will range from $50.00 to $70.00 depending on the size of the roster and number of games. This fee is paid directly to the Team Manager.

Uniform Cost: Separate from registration fee, cost TBD

Financial Assistance is not generally available for Super Y, scholarships are provided for those in need. For more information, please contact Paul Wiesboeck at paulw@ymcaatlanta.org.

Individual Team Administrators will be required for each team. A detailed lists of duties and a reduced fee can be provided.